Jennifer Wurrkidj

Gender: Female
Born: 1973
State: Northern Territory
Art Centre: Babbarra Designs & Maningrida Arts & Culture
Language: Kuninjku
Region: West Central Arnhem Land
Community: Maningrida
Homeland: Mumeka
Moiety: Duwa
Subsection: Kamanj

Jennifer Wurrkidj has been working at Babbarra Designs since 2007 and is an experienced textile artist. She is also nationally renowned for her bark paintings, hollow logs and carved sculpture. Her artwork is also represented by Maningrida Arts & Culture. Jennifer is from the Kuninjku language group of Western Arnhem Land.

Babbarra Designs is a manufacturer of fine indigenous textile art. We are based at Maningrida in central Arnhem Land and operate out of the Babbarra Women’s Centre. The Women’s Centre in Maningrida began as a women’s refuge in the 1980’s. Now a women’s CDEP centre it provides employment and training opportunities through the establishment and operation of appropriate small business enterprises. Babbarra Designs, our textile art business is the centre’s major activity.

The Maningrida region of central Arnhem Land is one of immense cultural and linguistic diversity with over 12 distinct Aboriginal languages being spoken in this relatively small area. The work of the textile artists depicts the landscape, dreaming stories, bush foods and bush crafts from their country in central Arnhem Land. The variation in subject matter reflects the cultural identity of women from the different language groups. Artists have trained in a number of textile mediums, however, most specialise in handcrafted lino-tile and silk-screen printed fabric. The women produce lino-tile designs and print these on fabric with up to three layers of colour. Each piece of lino-fabric is unique with varying tile and colour combinations. The artists also hand paint their lino-tiled fabric further enhancing the creativity of individual pieces.

Babbarra Designs print fine silk-screened fabrics from original artwork designed by our artists in collaboration with Bobbie Rubin. We currently have over 30 screen print designs to choose from in one and two colour combinations. All Babbarra Designs products are printed on 100% cotton, linen and silk, and are heat set in a professional fabric oven.

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin Convention Centre, August, 2012
New Fabrics from Babbarra Designs, Nomad Art, Canberra, 10th February – 31st March 2012
Blossom, Textiles inspired by the natural world, Fabric of Life, Adelaide, 1st-17th March 2012
A Fine Line – Where Craft Meets Art & Design, Chan Contemporary Art Space, Darwin, March – April 2012
Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin Convention Centre, August, 2011
Vi Bienal Internacional de Arte Textil Contemporaneo Aire, World Textile Art Organisation, Mexico, 2011
Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin Convention Centre, August, 2010
Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin Convention Centre, August, 2009